25 Jul

New Project: T3C

After completing NagiQ, we’re embarking on the development of a brand-new game, whose prototype is codenamed T3C. This will be a game for mobile devices, fun and educational. Our project planning estimates up to 14 months for completion of T3C. Stay tuned!

02 Jul

NagiQ released!

Thinking of words, connecting them, conquering tiles, having fun! NagiQ is our newest project, a family-friendly word game suited for brain fitness. NagiQ is full of cartoon graphics and challenging levels. Here are a few screenshots of the game:

For more information about this new game, please take a look at NagiQ’s page.

28 Jun

Pedagogical Approach for Educative Games

Recently, we’ve been reviewing our design guidelines for educative games. Regarding this matter, we’ve decided that our approach for creating educative games should be based on the following aspects:

  1. Pedagogical Approach: This comprises aspects such as the pedagogical philosophy of the application, the user’s motivation, and the employment of multimedia resources according with the pedagogical philosophy and the topics developed.
  2. Content: It’s related to the information presented by the game, and also the goals of the project.
  3. Language, Grammar & Style: This aspect covers all the things related to grammar, ortography, definitions, localization and format.
  4. Aesthetics and presentation: It includes all the details related with the application’s aesthetics, the way content is organized and displayed, and the user interface.
  5. Evaluation: It refers to the mechanisms employed by the application in order to verify the learning results.
  6. Internal Aspects of the System: It comprises all the functions invisible for the user, related to security, data backup, fault-tolerance, among other internal aspects.

The approach must strive for fast and high-quality software deliveries, balancing speed, quality and price. Software requirements and goals are a very volatile matter, and as such, we must structure our work in order to cope with our clients’ new expectations, i.e., we’ll be following a highly dynamical software development approach.

24 Jun

New version of the site

Almost there. This new version of the site will allow for more information, such as news and other projects. We have yet to complete the pages for NagiQ.