DragonScales 7: A Heart of Dark Flames

Darkness lies hidden in some hearts, a darkness that only awaits the propitious opportunity to reveal itself and devour everything. In DragonScales 7 you’ll be one of the 4 legendary heroes, and together with your companions you’ll have to fulfill a crucial mission to free the kingdom from the threat of some depraved monsters. However, who are the true monsters? A terrible and unexpected truth will shatter your beliefs and loyalties, and only thanks to the dark flames of a mysterious dragon will you be able to continue living, and begin a journey of vengeance and redemption.

Tile-matching and strategy game!



  • 105 new levels.
  • Turn-based battles.
  • Rebuild the Avenger’s village. Rebuilding the Village awards permanent extra turns in battles!
  • Level-up and catch stars to improve the Avenger’s statuses. You can rise the attack, health, luck and other statuses of the Avenger.
  • Novel and varied gameplay challenges, such as leading up the Avenger towards a magical portal, and many more!
  • Use Arts: Magical Rod to destroy a single scale, and Prescience to replace your playable scales.
  • Secret Spells. Up to 14 new spells, comprising attack, healing and defensive spells. Play strategically!
  • How to use Spells in DragonScales 7?

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