DragonScales 5: The Frozen Tomb


Heed the call of the Sacred Dragon! After completing her training in DragonScales 4, Zarya is ready to release the Sacred Dragon sealed at The Frozen Tomb. She will face new challenges, battle her way through several beasts, and grow to become a master warrior! DragonScales 5 adds several gameplay novelties, plenty of battles and extra missions, yielding the most complete and alluring DragonScales game ever!

Tile-matching and strategy game!


  • 200 new levels.
  • Gameplay novelties.
  • New! 12 missions to win items and coins.
  • Get 65 stars (including hidden ones) to unlock the missions.
  • Revamped battle system based on arrows.
  • Achievements and stats tracking.
  • The Colosseum is back, with 20 new battles.
  • Up to 16 unlockable magical cards! You can replenish your cards with missions, the in-game store or a new Dragonphant bar.
  • Improve Zarya’s status with stronger weapons and defensive equipment.
  • Special control mode for computers with a touchscreen, such as 2-in-1 computers.
  • Extended story arch.

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