NagiQ is a family-friendly, challenging word game, perfect for brain fitness! In NagiQ, you think of English words and place them on a board, trying to connect to some special, mystic letters. You will complete a level when no unconnected mystic letter remains on the board. And that’s it for the gameplay! There are more than 100 levels grouped into 5 islands (each island introduces variations to the basic gameplay.) Hours of fun guaranteed!

Word game.



  • NagiQ includes a hint system. In exchange for some cookies the game can fill some selected cells of the board with a word for you.
  • Also, in exchange for a few cookies you can undo your last movement.
  • If a board contains a cell with extra cookies try to catch them by placing your word on the board such that one of your word’s letters lies over the cell with the cookies.
  • NagiQ has a Hall of Fame for top scores.
  • NagiQ can award up to 8 trophies to a player. Each trophy represents a game’s achievement. For example, the “Trophy of 2” is awarded when the player conquers 2 mystic letters on the board with a single word.
  • The player will also receive bonus score and cookies when making a really good movement (e.g., placing a long word on the board)


Oh no! Nagi was playing soccer and the ball hit his grandparent’s mystic book. Now the mystic letters are scattered throughout his world’s islands. Please help him to recover the mystic letters.


The game comprises 5 islands. Each island has 25 playable levels, amounting to 125 total levels for playing. The islands are:

  1. Mindia: For completing Mindia’s boards we only have to conquer all of the mystic letters, following the basic rules of the game.
  2. Vulcania: Vulcania’s boards contain bugs! We have to surround them with letters, and also catch all of the mystic letters.
  3. Nuntel: Here the game rules’ stay the same, but Nuntel’s boards have a timer! Now we have to place words before the timer reaches its minimum value.
  4. Raspit: This island introduces an additional requirement: any new word you place on the board has to include a letter contained within an orange tile.
  5. Partok: An island whose boards combine all the challenges of the game.

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