DragonScales 6: Love and Redemption


Get ready for the final battle against the Dark Empress! After taming Ribeus in DragonScales 5, Zarya wants to unleash the dragon’s power in order to defeat the Dark Empress. In this adventure she might even find love… but only if she succeeds in dissipating the darkness of a lonely heart. DragonScales 6 presents new challenges, including keys to unlock doors, switches to change the board’s gravity, new power-up system and battles against multiple minions!

Tile-matching and strategy game!


  • 130 new levels.
  • Novel gameplay modes.
  • Revamped battles: for the first time in DragonScales Zarya will have to fight a line-up of multiple enemies.
  • New power-up system: fill up your powers by forming combinations on the board. You’ll get more power-ups as your adventure unfolds.
  • Advanced post game quests included: The Royal and The Pit.
  • Achievements and stats tracking.
  • Conclusion of Zarya’s story arc.

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