Suddenly Meow

Tim is an outgoing cat who loves to explore mysterious places and is always hungry for adventure! Now Tim is lost in a dangerous forest, with plenty of shadows and dangers lurking under the silent trees. He meets the strange creatures of the forest, who are under the ominous spell of an evil witch. Tim will have to face the wicked witch and her servant scarecrows to save the forest and its inhabitants! So begins the Match 3 puzzle adventure of Tim the cat! He will solve multiple puzzles, form paths, catch fish, open doors, collect fruits, discover secret buttons, and many more challenges. Help Tim defeat the evil witch and restore peace to the forest!

Match 3 Puzzle game with Hidden Objects minigames.



  • 90 Match 3 levels.
  • Hidden Object minigames.
  • Mixed puzzle boards.
  • Match 3 battles.
  • Tim’s Hideout to improve performance in battles.
  • Many more challenges.
  • Complete Walkthrough here.


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