Spooky Dwellers

Spooky dwellers lurk in every corner of Grandma’s house, whispering their ancient sorrows. Fortunately, Grandma has entrusted me with her talismans of light, a precious family treasure. The talismans emit a sacred light which repels the ominous presence of the spooky dwellers. The dwellers are cleverly hiding from the light behind various obstacles. We’ll have to destroy pumpkins, clear grass, open doors, redirect the talismans, and finally let light reach the spooky dwellers to make them leave! In addition, as we progress in our adventure, we’ll decorate the terrace of the house, and we’ll have a Halloween party there to celebrate our success! Take full control of the light of the talismans and cast out the spooky dwellers!!

Match 3 Puzzle game.



  • 90 Match 3 levels.
  • Hidden Object minigames.
  • Puzzle and memory minigames.
  • Brain teasing Match 3 challenges.
  • Collect trophies for more coins.
  • Get The Terrace ready for a Halloween party.
  • Many more challenges.
  • Guide and strategies.


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