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Oferia Weiss, The Diabolical Nurse

Oferia Weiss, The Diabolical Nurse, is one of the most mysterious and sinister characters in Nocturnarya. A nurse without any scruple or affection for vampires or humans. For her, vampires and humans are simply commodities, pieces that she can manipulate to achieve her selfish and secret purposes.

Oferia Weiss, The Diabolical Nurse of Nocturnarya
Oferia Weiss, The Diabolical Nurse of Nocturnarya

Oferia is the granddaughter of a renowned and respected figure in the medical field. From an early age, she harbored a deep desire to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps, aspiring to become a doctor herself. However, her dreams were shattered when a macabre and mysterious incident led to her expulsion from medical school, closing the doors of the medical school for her. Not that she really cared. She always despised the medical school, its ethics and its methods, which in her opinion, were useless and archaic.

Undeterred by the setback, she resorted to practicing nursing in secret, taking up a position at a discreet and modest hospital located on the outskirts of Nocturnarya. It’s here that her true nature is revealed; a person devoid of moral scruples, lacking in professional ethics, and driven solely by a relentless pursuit of wealth and personal gain. These unsavory qualities have earned her the notorious moniker of the Diabolical Nurse. In a dark and clandestine operation, she has delved into the macabre world of selling human blood to vampires. Aware of their insatiable thirst for the crimson elixir of life, she has become a crucial intermediary, providing a steady supply of this vital fluid to satisfy their immortal cravings. Her involvement in this illicit trade has allowed her to accumulate substantial wealth, which fuels her insatiable desire for a life of opulence and luxury.

Driven by envy towards the seemingly eternal existence of vampires, Oferia has hatched a sinister plan to extend her own lifespan and revel in the riches that accompany it. Rumors circulate that she possesses a mysterious artifact, a dark and forbidden object capable of extracting every last drop of blood from a human body within a matter of minutes. This artifact, if indeed real, holds the potential to grant her the eternal life she craves, while also granting her unfathomable power and control. With her reputation as the Diabolical Nurse spreading like a sinister whisper throughout the shadows of Nocturnarya, Oferia Weiss’ dark ambitions and malevolent actions have cast a chilling pall over the unsuspecting kingdom. As her dubious activities continue to thrive under the cloak of secrecy, the humans and vampires of Nocturnarya remain oblivious to the sinister force that lurks within their midst, waiting for the opportune moment to unleash her diabolical plans.

Play Nocturnarya and discover how the path of your adventure crosses the path of Oferia, the diabolical nurse!

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DragonScales: The Story of Archmage Cedric

This is the background story for the Archmage Cedric of the DragonScales games. If you have not played DragonScales 3 or DragonScales 5 yet, the following text contains several spoilers. All the art of DragonScales was created by our artist XKlibur: check her portfolio here.

Archmage Cedric
Archmage Cedric

The Archmage Cedric was one of the most powerful mages of the Gravity Kingdom. His command of the DragonScales magic was sublime, and that raised him to great glory and fame. Other mages of the kingdom respected and even feared him. In a sense, the Archmage Cedric was the epitome of success in sorcery and he achieved all he ever dreamt of. Once these men achieve all the things they want, their ambition grows even bigger, and they start bordering madness. This occured to Archmage Cedric. Suddenly, he started regretting his human condition, pitying himself for the weaknesses of his mortal vessel, the ugliness of pain, and then yearned for the absolute immutability of his body: he wanted to become an immortal.

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