A few remarks on LWJGL for OS X and LibGDX

This little post is an answer to a comment in Hacking LWJGL, LibGDX and The Rainbow Machine. By the way, please note that the workarounds discussed on such post are not needed anymore, as LWJGL team has fixed the reported issues.


LWJGL for Mac OS X (using Java 7) is still labeled as experimental. It might contain bugs. As of this writing, there is no official release yet. Thereby, please be very careful if you’re planning to use this experimental branch, and test your game thoroughly. Read this thread to understand what’s the current status of this branch.

Where to get the experimental build for LWJGL?

In the above referred thread you can find the germane links.

Using this experimental branch with LibGDX

Download the experimental branch of LWJGL as explained above. Use the latest binaries, or build it from sources. Now there are several ways to update your LibGDX. What I recommend is to download the sources of the latest version of LibGDX and build it. Before building, update these files:

lwjgl.jar located in libgdx/backends/gdx-openal/libs/
gdx-backend-lwjgl-natives.jar located in libgdx/backends/gdx-backend-lwjgl/libs/

That should suffice. Remember, though, it’s an experimental branch. It might contain bugs.

2 thoughts on “A few remarks on LWJGL for OS X and LibGDX”

  1. For updating the gdx-backend-lwjgl-natives.jar, do you just replace it with the experimental lwjgl.jar?

  2. No. Of course the experimental jar is for replacing lwjgl. And for the backend you should use the compiled natives.

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