11 Dec

DragonScales 6 game: Solution for Level 5-8

Some players of the latest DragonScales game, DragonScales 6: Love and Redemption, have reached out to us asking about a solution for Level 5-8. That level might seem a bit intimidating at first look, but once you figure out the little tricks for several parts of the board you’ll agree it’s kind of easy. Let’s take a look at the initial configuration of the board.

DragonScales 6 game initial configuration of Level 5-8
Initial configuration

A typical DragonScales board. We have two goals only: capture the red and the green cross-scales. There are some novelties, though, specific to DragonScales 6: keys and doors. Cells with a door icon won’t accept scales on them, so you’ll first have to remove the doors. That means you won’t be able to clear the top-left red cross-scale, or the green cross-scale or activate the arrow until you manage to remove the respective doors. To remove a door just click on it, but you’ll obviously need to capture at least one key beforehand. To capture a key, just form a combination containing the cell with the key.

The trick for this level is activating the two bombs to break the blocks hindering access to 2 of the 3 top keys. Play wisely to bypass the color restrictions.

Circumvent the color restrictions of DragonScales 6 game
Circumvent the color restrictions

For instance, note in the above image that I’ve played a set of scales that allowed a blue dragonscale to be placed on the bomb, with a pink dragonscale on the pink-restricted cell. That’s ideal because I can now play a blue dragonscale on the blue-restricted cell. Later on, another blue dragonscale will form a combination and activate the bomb.

Bomb activated by a combination of dragonscales, clearing the path to one of the top keys.
Bomb activated, clearing the path to one of the top keys.

Now simply capture the key. And apply a similar procedure to activate the other bomb. After that you’ll be able to capture other key.

In the DragonScales 6 game you'll capture keys on the board
Key captured!
2 keys captured
OK, now we have 2 keys.

We have 2 keys. Let’s spend one key to open the door which is blocking access to the arrow.

In the DragonScales 6 game you can open a door by clicking on it.
Click the door to remove it.

Activate the arrow. That way you’ll be able to access the final key.

DragonScales 6 all the keys of Level 5-8 captured!
Finally, all 3 keys captured.

At this point you’ll have 2 keys left. Use them to open the doors blocking access to the red cross-scale and the green cross-scale. And that’s all. Puzzles in the DragonScales 6 game are not too complex. In fact, in contrast to this DragonScales 4’s board or this DragonScales 3’s board, DragonScales 6’s boards are easy. Good luck with the dragonscales! 🙂