11 Mar

The Rainbow Machine Press Release

March 11, 2013IKIGames releases The Rainbow Machine, a physics-based puzzle game available for PC, Mac, Linux, Android tablets and iOS (iPad). Game play is based on directing a sphere towards treasure chests to retrieve the pieces of the stolen Rainbow Machine. You will have to solve 140 tricky puzzles and also defeat the burglars: a wicked bunch of kleptomaniac rats!

Key features of The Rainbow Machine:

  • 6 islands amounting to 140 playable levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Colorful story scenes.
  • Retrieve 16 pieces and materials of The Rainbow Machine.
  • Find 6 hidden trophies.
  • Collect coins for buying items: Rebounder Improvements, Initial Impulse and Invincibility.
  • Helper items to reach treasure chests.
  • Achievement stars to rate your play.
  • Mischievous bosses are awaiting for you at the end of each island.
  • Unlock new islands by defeating bosses or rising your score.
  • Play a fun Jackpot stage at the end of some levels to win extra coins.
  • Tricky puzzles based on:
    • Bouncing marshmallows
    • Breaking blocks with bombs
    • Avoiding saws and monsters
    • Bouncing off moving platforms and oranges
    • Sliding ice blocks
    • And many more game actions.

The Rainbow Machine for Windows is available in English, French and Spanish. The other versions are available in the English language. The game is priced at USD 9.99 for PC (on the game’s website), USD 6.99 for Mac (via Mac App Store) and Linux (via Ubuntu Software Center), USD 0.99 for Android (on Amazon) and USD 3.99 for iPad (on the App Store). Free demo versions are available for try out before purchase (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android). Further information and review copies of The Rainbow Machine can be obtained by contacting IKIGames (@superikigames).

IKIGames is an indie game company focused on development of educational, thought-provoking and family-friendly games for desktop and mobile devices.

Release Date: March 11, 2013
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android (tablets), iOS (iPad)
Available: via IKIGames’s website (PC and Linux), Mac App Store (Mac), Ubuntu Software Center (Linux), App Store (iPad), and Amazon (Android).
Demos: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android.
Press Kit: The Rainbow Machine’s Press Kit.